We are igniting momentum during COVID-19

A different kind of leadership event - one where the unsaid is finally said, and a group of leaders transforms into a team of leaders.


Ignition Events for 50-500

Provocative, challenging and never ordinary. Its refreshing to work with smart people grounded in strategy, who ask hard questions and help deliver great leadership moments for our top team.

Gavin Flynn, SVP, Strategy, M&A & Corporate Development, IHG

Getting your leaders together for a couple of days is a massive investment, so you’d better make sure they leave totally clear and fired up to drive action in the business.

We design experiences that get leaders more connected and committed to what has to happen next in their business.

That takes careful thought about the journey, immersive content, focus on practical actions and powerful arguments.

After four global events with BP's senior leaders...

99% left with a deeper understanding of their new strategy

92% felt more able to engage their team with the strategy

97% said their event provided clarity on the new direction