Simon Hall



Insight gathering & analysis, project management, planning & execution, creative thinking.

Why I love what I do

For me, working within a company that strives for better in the world of business is an exciting environment to learn and develop. While most companies seek resolution, businessthreezero ignite momentum. Targeting the core, instead of working at the fringes means we are initiating real change rather than a short-term fix. Progress always trumps survival.

A business result I'm proud of

The results I’m proud of most fall mainly within the sphere of sporting achievement. Having represented high performing rugby teams with school, club, region, and University, I have been fortunate to realise ambitions I once thought unattainable. While selection to the regional setup was an immense personal achievement, the result I’m most proud of was being part of a side who made it into the later stages of the prestigious Daily Mail Cup, a feat far beyond the school’s supposed capabilities. Throughout this journey, I feel I delivered leadership, communication, and work ethic, while also learning the importance of building on your successes and learning from your mistakes.

A business reinvention I admire

With Apple now at the forefront of technological advance and its products now the pinnacle of “twenty-first century cool”, it’s easy to overlook the company's uncertain and often turbulent past. During the 1990s, in the face of stiff competition from IBM, Dell and HP, the company came agonizingly close to bankruptcy. The company has an unerring ability to reinvent a pre-existing idea, whether within the market or within their own range. I have long admired Apple’s intrepid approach to embracing change and reinventing itself as it reacts to continuously changing consumer demands.

Apple constantly challenged what was thought possible, allowing them to test and improve themselves. Apple have a product that has become aspirational. Whether within business or amongst friends, the Apple logo has become an omni-present symbol of modernity and progression. Arguably Apple’s most important move in their mission to revitalize the company’s image was to launch a shrewd advertising campaign called “Think Different”. The drive challenged and prompted customers to view Apple as a lifestyle choice and reflected their own individuality.

What is in many ways the most commendable feature of Apple’s reinvention has been their ability to generate a completely new business model, with the conception of an interdependent product range. Through the creation of software that works exclusively on Apple products, they have implicitly forced the customer to invest in Apple rather than an individual product. They are slowly developing a product range that can be utilized in almost every aspect of life, which, for me, is an unbelievable achievement given their tenuous position just two decades prior.