Sheena Jethwa



Talent strategy, leadership development, market intelligence, business development, recruitment & retention, psychometric assessment.

Business Highlights

Business Development & Knowledge Manager, EMEA | Korn Ferry International
Aligned with the Financial Officer Centre of Expertise, with responsibility across the EMEA region. Worked across talent management and leadership development projects.

Consultant |  The Barton Partnership
A specialist Search and Selection firm, my focus was on international strategy consulting and building out the innovation proposition, partnering with top tier strategy houses as well as specialist sector and innovation consultancies.

Consultant | Moloney Search & BYT
A boutique Executive Search firm, my specialism was in strategy and international C level work. Projects involved the mapping, tracking and assessment of high-flying commercial talent.

Why I love what I do

I'm fascinated by the complexities of human behaviour, the nuts and bolts of 'big business' and the intersection of these two elements. What puts a spring in my step is working with leaders to find solutions that are both strategically robust and that unleash true human potential; I believe this is the difference between 'average' and 'outstanding'. And in business, who cares for ‘average’?

A business result I'm proud of

A global creative consultancy was looking to shift its offering in the market, and partnering with them to deliver this was a superb opportunity. During this period of transformation, I worked alongside the exec to deeply understand the business' objectives and, consequently, drill down into which behaviours, skills and attributes would get them closer to achieving their commercial goals. Known for their unique culture, the task was not a simple one, but the ultimate result was one of success and integrated, lasting change.

A business reinvention I admire

Nintendo's reinvention was so thorough that few people today associate it with its original business: 70 years of manufacturing playing cards. Moving from the 'safe bet' of a product into the then unknown world of electronic gaming required commercial savvy, foresight and courage - traits that remain pertinent today. They revolutionised gaming, going from plastic playing cards to arcade games to the iconic Game Boy and beyond. The Wii of the last decade was unique when it was brought to market; Nintendo, it feels like time for another reinvention. Watch this space.