Saul Minkoff



Growth strategy and innovation, team dynamics, international expansion, logistics, new ventures & modelling, product development.

Business Highlights

Co-Founder | Pulse Active Savings Inc.
As a member of a five-person team, we designed and built Pulse to give India’s low-income and unbanked population a safe and convenient way to save precious money using their mobile phones. What started off as one of thousands of entries into the Clinton Global Initiative-Sponsored Hult Prize, took our team on a two-year journey through the Silicon Valley Venture Capital world, followed by the life-changing experience of living and working in the heart of India.

Business Architecture & Six Sigma Team | Cisco Systems
Part of a three-person team responsible for conducting research and providing recommendations into productivity at Cisco Systems. The main area of focus was to find new ways to measure and increase both efficiency and employee satisfaction in cross-functional, virtual teams. Our findings have now been integrated to form part of the HR Business Architecture.

Project & Business Development Manager | Fishpac Pty Ltd.
Led Business Development, Project Management, and Scientific testing for systems designed to transport high value, live aquatic animals up to 48 hours on passenger and cargo aircraft throughout Asia, North America, and Europe. During my tenure we expanded our operations to six new countries, successfully opening up new commercial routes, and forming partnerships with some of the world’s largest airline.

Why I love what I do

I am passionate about solving the problems needed to drive economic development and growth. From developing the strategy for large organisations move into their next market, unlocking talent from disengaged employees, to helping start ups obtain an investment and acquiring their first few customers; I believe every organisation has a responsibility and role to play to drive progress in society.

A business result I'm proud of

When a multi-national company needed to get 10’s of thousands of live baby fish each month from Northern Spain to Iceland with no direct air link, our team got to work. Over the course of a year, we conducted the scientific trials needed to establish an unprecedentedly efficient payload, and obtained all the European air approvals required to zig-zag the continent on the way to Reykjavik. Today, regular shipments continue to arrive in Iceland, allowing the client to produce over 1000mt/year from one of the most efficient facilities in the world.

A business reinvention I admire

I love how Adobe boldly transformed their business by axing the ‘bread and butter’ box software and moving to a cloud subscription model, a move that began by recognising that the current up-front costs and license update fees customers were facing would one day be their downfall in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Strategically, it was a risky move for a publicly traded company to be pitching a change that would bring about losses for the next 2-3 years. Investors balked early on, but the Exec team, and their CFO in particular, stuck to their guns knowing they had to innovate to stay ahead. The team went back to their roots and decided that proof of concept was the best weapon in their arsenal, taking the new cloud product through continuous iteration cycles, gaining such high praise from early users that even Wall Street began to get excited.

Three years later the results speak for themselves with record subscriber numbers adding over a billion dollars in recurring revenue, while serving as a shining example as to the rewards of business transformation.