James Ashworth



Design thinking, videography, visual storytelling, brand building, graphic design.

Business highlights

Senior Designer | ?What If! Innovation
Turned a business concept into a full digital prototype - from full brand to online presence to customer experience. Turned strategic recommendations on consulting projects into stories that generated excitement, ownership and ultimately momentum.

Designer | Twentyfirst Century Communications
Built websites for Chelsea FC and Hilton Group. Created mini documentaries including a film showcasing England’s cricketing success in 2005.

Why I love what I do

I have a passion for telling stories through design. Fundamentally, the challenge of any design is taking a problem and finding a solution. Information isn’t enough if it doesn't inspire or provoke, so I love the challenge of taking the complex and confusing and making it simple and impactful.

A business result I'm proud of

I worked as part of a team that was trying to help executives from a Big 4 UK retail bank get closer to their customers and the world they live in. As part of this I produced, directed and edited a short documentary where we took a few of their top 100 – who have less direct exposure to their customers than almost anyone else in the bank – and  gave them a chance to meet customers, get to know them, and get under the skin of where the challenges lie in their lives - all live on film. This experience could have left these leaders feeling vulnerable or looking foolish – but instead we turned these encounters into an experience that deeply impacted the execs themselves, as well as impressing upon the rest of the business how critical it would be going forwards to live in their customers' world.

A business reinvention I admire

Amazon started out selling books. Just books. They could have rested there and become the undisputed place to go for books online. But, over the years Amazon has moved well beyond, expanding into an online marketplace with the vision of becoming the “everything store”. That vision has lead them into new areas of technology (Amazon Mobile & Kindle) and entertainment (Amazon Prime and Amazon Studios). And no-one questions their right to win in those new spaces. Quite incredible.