Carlo Risi



Strategy development and alignment, cultural transformation, leadership development.

Business highlights

Senior Director | BTS Group (AB)
Led global strategy alignment and organisational change engagements, building several of BTS’s most strategic client relationships whilst significantly enhancing the depth and quality of our work with clients such as ABB, ANZ Bank, Chevron, Novartis and UBS.

Wealth Management & Private Banking | RBS, Coutts & Co.
Worked with UHNW clients across the Middle East and Entrepreneur front office desks, also rotating through a set of placements at the heart of big business including corporate strategy, investment and product strategy, operations and strategic marketing.

Why I love what I do

People are complex. And organisations, as people collectives, even more so. Layered further by the backdrop of our rapidly altering world, organisations and their people risk drowning under waves of complexity. I love bringing cut-through simplicity and clarity to my clients, creating the line of sight between individual and organisation, and developing the organisation muscle of strategic alignment – that rare ability to continually calibrate strategic choice and people action. Done right, the lift in impact and performance is immense.

A business result I'm proud of

Working with one of the most pioneering Australian big-four banks to develop and cascade their ‘super-regional’ strategy. We quickly engaged with 400 of the bank’s most senior leaders across some twelve countries to support interaction with and understanding of group strategy, thus driving specific and aligned commercial and people decisions across its business.

A business reinvention I admire

One of the most iconic global brands, business success hasn’t always followed track success at Ferrari. The early 90s saw Ferrari on its knees following the death of founder Enzo, challenging economic conditions, and annual sales dropping to 2,400 cars after a product flop resulting in 25% of its 1990-1992 production unsaleable. Since then, the philosophy of ‘only ever being one model away from disaster’ has served as the catalyst for inspired innovation and product development. 25 years on, Ferrari goes from strength to strength, producing 8,200 cars annually, sold out months if not years in advance, and across more models than at any time in its history. Its post-IPO share price has also tripled in just 2.5 years.