We are igniting momentum during COVID-19


A blueprint that renewed confidence and belief, ranking 1st on the FTSE 50 Clarity Index last year.



increase in engagement and


increase in share price.

Their ability to grapple with us in the business – develop, challenge, understand the global context and deliver in extremely tight timescales was nothing short of the work of magicians

Sarah Morris, Chief People Officer, Aviva

The business had lost momentum, needing to fix its balance sheet for today whilst shaping the growth strategy for tomorrow. A tough story to tell the business.

Hear the story with Sarah Morris, former CPO

What made the difference?

A strategy with teeth. Over the previous five years the business had been subject to multiple changes of leadership, strategy - and even purpose. All of which left colleagues cynical, tired and disengaged. With the Exec Team we set about arguing out and nailing down a blueprint that would last.

That blueprint has remained consistent for 6 years, providing the simplicity and edge needed to reignite clarity and belief in every employee. And it has continued to drive innovation and step change behaviour and action by teams everywhere.

How did we do it?

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