Alex Glenn


Expertise | Change & Transformation, Culture, OD, Leadership Capability, HR digital solutions.


Organisational Development Manager | Apparel Group
Set up and led Organisational Development and Learning against a background of radical change and disruption both in the fashion retail market in general and in the brands and parent company. Designed strategy and managed programs for transforming organisational and individual capability. 

Senior Account Manager & People Consultant | SHL Previsor
Partnered with big business and government agencies to design and deliver scalable digitised solutions in employee selection, development and talent measurement in Australia, NZ and SEAsia. Industries included: FMCG, FinSevices, Insurance, Transport & Logistics, Government, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Consulting & Advisory, Utilities. 

Consulting & Start UP
Prior roles included consulting engagements in evaluating service models (Children’s Hospital, State Government), customer insight and market research (Pharmaceutical), Governance and Cultural Change (Insurance, Government) and Leadership Development (FinServ, Airline). Cofounded a media tech start-up, with a focus on operations and product design. 

I love tough problems, disruption and the momentum created when things just need to change. There is nothing more satisfying than distilling a myriad of complex directions into a simple bold strategy people can use to make clear choices and innovate. There is nothing quite as engaging as leveraging culture and leadership to reinvent. There is nothing quite as stimulating and scalable as realising change through digital media. I am fortunate to spend my days with exceptional leaders in industry, pressing creatively to find a solution to commercial issues at scale. 

Working with the leaders of two retail apparel businesses to relaunch their brands internally and create a more distinctive customer experience driven by brand heritage and values. Effective behavioural shift at scale through programs in talent, digital gamified learning and events to build momentum and shared brand identity. We saw a lift in sales per transaction, customer service, product knowledge, a 30% drop in theft, and a reduction of retail staff turnover by over 50%.

Cirque du Soleil which began as street performance, reinvented the concept of the circus and has continued to creatively challenge themselves and audiences to rethink entertainment. From roaming performance to permanent stages, merchandise to dining, the company has maintained an incredibly clear proposition - creating imaginative immersive worlds that shock and wow audiences. The group has achieved a level of creativity that is no easy feat given the performers are competitive athletes with career histories that were typically rigid, structured and focused on perfecting technical execution not experimenting to push limits.